HOT!! 10 Prospecting Hacks That Attrack Clients and Business Partners With Ease

Let’s Face It. If You Have No Prospects then You Have No Business. Let’s change that starting right now.
  1. Choose A Niche

    If you spend your marketing time and dollars trying to reach everybody then you won’t get anybody! Choosing a niche gives your marketing messages more of a direct hit. The more focused your niche the more that you can charge for your products and/or services which helps you to earn more with less customers. If you are marketing to all “Internet Marketers”, then you have a huge market with a lot of competition. However, if you market to “Internet Marketers who are struggling with Recruiting” then your conversion rates and sales will be higher.

    hack image

  2. Resurrect Your Email Signature

    Use your email signature to promote your business; don’t just use the link, but Create a tagline and paste your link inside of the tagline.. See the example below. The benefit here is every time you send someone an email or reply to one; you’re driving traffic to your website. People’s natural curiosity will cause them to click on your links.

    hack image

  3. Be Nut’s About List Building

    No matter what income producing activities you’re doing, they should all be centered on building a list of high quality prospects that are a good fit for your business. Do not concern yourself with quantity; quality is the goal. In order to be in the list building business, make sure your using capture pages for your products/services and make sure that you capture pages are connected to an auto-responder.

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  4. Get Very Intimate With Your List

    If you’re not communication and building a relationship with your list; someone else will. Reach out to your list at least 5 times per week and give them value that will enhance the relationship. Do not be afraid of people unsubscribing! You can risk not being in front of your list for fear of the few that may unsubscribe. Once your audience comes to know, like and trust you; converting them to clients will be very easy.

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  5. Don’t Forget to Launch!

    One of the biggest reason’s online marketer’s fail is they forget to launch their new product, website, or service. Create an event to get others talking. Don’t be afraid to launch more than once, over kill this area.

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  6. Blog, Blog then Blog some more

    If you don’t have a blog yet start one. Blogging will help you build a better connection with your audience. Also this will help you with search engine rankings; especially because Google loves blogs. Now, don’t be intimidated by “having to blog”. There are blogging platforms that you can sign up for that are all ready to go. There are blogging platforms that will also direct you on daily topics. Below is a link to the company that I recommend.

    hack image

  7. Use Keywords

    If you want free traffic to your blog use keywords that have already been ranked by Google. You can also go to any of the major search engines to see “what’s trending” and then center your post around what people are already talking about.

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  8. Yes That’s Right Social Bookmarking Works!

    This is easier than you think and it will bring you free traffic. You can use social bookmarking so others can find your blog posts. Here is a list of sites:
    Yahoo! Bookmarks

    hack image

  9. Home In Using Social Media

    I don’t need to talk to you about the importance of Social Media. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Tus are great places to find people in your niche and to get traffic to your content. Home in on your relationships so they can see you across different social media platforms. You can easily do this by using a share button on your content. Remember there are prospects on LinkedIn that may not be on Facebook and vice versa.

    hack image

  10. Focus ON A System

    Find a system that puts 5 to 10 prospects in your list each day; then rinse and repeat. Once you find that system then increase it which means instead of 5 to 10 prospects you have 15 to 20; then 20 to 25 and so on.. Now do not blow out your business before you can build it.. Once you have a system in place to bring you leads. Develop a system to nurture that lead by giving value until they become a client or part of your team.

    hack image

Here is the system that I recomment to help you achieve Hacks 1 through 10.

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