About Me

Marketing and Advertising Professional specializing in: Sales, Lead Generation, Prospecting, Recruiting,

Top Notch – Industry Leader & Coach

I am a leader in direct sales & marketing. I have worked with the top leaders in both the Direct Sales and Internet Marketing industry; coaching them on the strategies of successful marketing, business development, increasing productivity and sales growth using the power of automated sales funnels and internet marketing systems.

I have coached and worked alongside them in the largest Direct Sales Company in the World; with the power of the strongest residual income in the World; that has paid more than $70 million dollars in commissions to date.

I teach others on all of the following from; the basics of marketing a home based business, on and offline, getting consistent results, converting prospects to customers; the psychology of direct selling, internet marketing, lead generation and business development. Just 8.5 years ago I was working the 9 to 5 grind, traveling for business and trying to break into the Entrepreneurial Direct Sales Niche; I have finally arrived and have help others do the same. Contact me to find out more information.


Valerie Adams, CMA

Success Coach/Mentor
President/CEO – Conversion Marketing Experts
Office. 1-951-268-4305 
Outside the US? call me through Skype Free – Skype – Valerie.Adams.127_2
Bragging rights
Survived Corporate America and the Recession by Helping others to get what they want and desire

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