What I want Tonight!

I am warning you this post will be off the beaten path of investments and real estate. I am gonna travel a little beyond our business norm and get a little deeper into the mindset of things, of life, of simplicity. You don’t need a Doctrine, Masters or Bachelor’s degree to set up a life principle of honesty. As a matter of fact you do not need a high school diploma to know the difference in lying and telling the truth, in miss-representing facts and giving full disclosure and honestly even if it’s not to you advantage. Lying is something your comfortable with when your priorities are self serving, honesty is something that your comfortable with when your priorities are driven by integrity, and doing what is right and fair even if its not in your best interest. Furthermore, there is a significant difference in honest people and liars no matter the situation, day or circumstance.

What I want tonight is to examine the mind of successful people, and occupation or what you do for a living; has no bearing when I mention successful and their approach to life which is why they are successful. This does not mean they have not experiences pitfalls and failures, it means they are comfortable with where they are, how they got there, and the people they surround them selves with. Successful people chose and decide what they will participate in and what they will not. The way they decide what to participate in is driven by their integrity radar. They will not participate in anything that compromises being honest with the people they love and doing the right thing.

Often times there are extremely great opportunities that present themselves, or advice that is given to you, that compromise the larger goal of being an honest person driven by the great integrity radar that most of us liv by. We live in such a fast paced environment that we sometimes are led to believe that cutting corners helps us to get to where we need to be . Ignoring the difficult barriers that comprising truth create. A compromised heart and mind, set us up for failure and not success. We are often talked into the fact that hiding a little here, shaving a little there, not disclose honesty right where we are, will help with the end result. And that once we get to that end result, or reach that goal we can make up the lies that we have told, or the person that we have pretended to be with money, explanations, and more lies. This is not a way to success no matter who is offering it, mentors, educators, family, friends, bookies, neighbors, in-laws, anyone that tries to get you to sell off your integrity to get to some goal, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I can promise anything they offer will be short-lived and will be revealed by the truth of light. I can guarantee the minute that you put that lie out there, no matter your intentions, you just hurt yourself, the people you love and the dream that you are fighting for. Success and walking in success is a god given talent and choice that cant be bought by man, money, goals, gambling or short-changing ourselves.

Whatever the barriers are that you have faced, they are there for a reason. they are there for your growth, for the lessons that the universe is trying to teach about you who are compared to who you need to be.

So what I want tonight is to let you know that building anything worth having takes, honesty, drive, and time.

To your success,

Valerie Adams