8 Tips For Prospecting Using LinkedIn!

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Prospecting using the LinkedIn social media platform should be a very important part of your online marketing portfolio. The benefits of using LinkedIn are as follows:

  • Niche development
  • Easy Lead cultivating
  • Automated Prospecting Services

The video link below will show you how you can engage and build relationships to push your business further.


  1. Graph searching to help you reach your target audience.
  2. The quality of it’s member database can be verified.
  3. Has built in reminders to help you establish rapport with the people you are connected to
  4. Can post daily messages to keep your prospects up to speed with what your doing.
  5. LinkedIn users are more on the professional side, unlike Facebook which helps you surround yourself with those who are business minded.
  6. LinkedIn allows you to write articles and blog post to help you brand yourself and your company.
  7. Can choose prospects by Job Titles and Company names.
  8. Can post your business opportunity links.

For A Full 13 series course on using LinkedIn to build your business please contact me by email; valerie.adams5@gmail.com.

I will see you at the top,

Valerie “Val The Coach” Adams