16 Lead Generation Hacks for Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Sales!

Prospecting Hacks for Sales Professionals that you can use RIGHT now!

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration!” ˜quoted by Thomas Edison

Being a talent scout and prospecting is the lifeline of any Network, Affiliate, Direct-Sales or Multi-level Marketing Business. Like it or not, if prospects are not connecting with you and your business and/or services daily; growth will not happen. If you’re looking for UNIQUE and sure-fire ways to get customers in front of your business daily, below will list 15 ways you can generate new customers and sales this week. These lead generation strategies apply to ONLINE lead generation tips.

Two things must happen in order for your to be successful, you must develop a daily action plan and stick to it for a minimum of 21 days. This is why most companies are doing some sort of (21 day to success, 21-day blogging challenge, 21-day fast start and or 21-day break through.

The verdict is in and studies have proven that 21 days is what it takes to develop a new habit. Developing new habits are what will create the patterns in your business to take it to the next level. No matter which of these strategies you will use; be consistent and use them for a minimum of 21 days.

So here we go. These are proven places that you can network that will bring you prospects, leads and sales. Your assignment is to email me at Valerie.Adams5@gmail.com, after you have put together a daily action plan that you will follow for 21 days and we will get you on the path to success.

(Sample Daily Action Plan Here – http://bit.ly/1FZQli7)

  1. Purchase Lead Generation Software – this is a no brainer since it puts you right into new prospects looking at your business each day. There are two types of Lead generation software:a. brings you targeted prospects each day that you can call and introduce them to your business.b.  that brings you targeted prospects calling you each day. Most lead generation software is tied into Auto responder software that can do the heavy lifting for you.
    Here is a sample – http://bit.ly/5RecruitsDaily

  2. Facebook – let’s get serious here. There are about 5 new profiles that are created every 5 seconds. What this means is that each day you should have on your daily checklist to reach out to at least 10 people who you have never spoken to before; engage with at least 10 that you already know. Reaching out to 10 people who you know, does not mean spamming your links, but be genuine about finding out how the people in your network are doing, what do they do, and if they are struggling.. Use this information to determine how you can help them.
  3. YouTube – Create a YouTube Channel; name it using your first and last name. This will speed up the process of branding yourself and make it easy for people to find you. “Remember people join people and not necessarily companies”. Start doing tutorial videos, tips and reviews and demonstrations. Always include a description on your videos that link back to your landing pages. This will help you drive traffic. Don’t forget to syndicate your videos by posting them on social media, blogs, articles, eBooks, forums and sites that will help you get more traffic.Here is a sample – http://www.youtube.com/user/vadams1239

  4. Google+ – This is a great Social Media Platform to get prospects, create branding, syndicate content and gain new followers. Make sure that you are using hashtags. Hashtags are when you add the (#) symbol in front of a key word that you want to be found for. If you have not yet created a Gmail account using your First and Last Name to make it easy for people to find you; do so right now. Then using that Gmail account, create and complete your Google+ profile.Here is a sample – https://www.google.com/+ValerieAdamsTheCoach
  5. Pinterest – Pinterest is a visual social media platform. A great place to add inspirational quotes, pictures of nature, lifestyle and your products. You can also use this to drive traffic back to your landing pages by adding your YouTube training videos. Get new clients and customers by marketing your products, sales, achievements, new team members, and company milestones. You can also use hashtags on Pinterest as well. You can also add the “Pin It” button on your browser so you can add pictures from your blog to drive traffic back to it.Here is a sample – https://www.pinterest.com/valerieadams127/
  6. Email Marketing – Email marketing will help you to generate sales and new clients even when you are not at your computer. You can use systems called – to send emails to your list automatically. The Email marketing software that I recommend is Aweber or Response Magic. Email marketing allows you to build a relationship with your list by providing them with valuable content and tips to the solutions they are trying to find answers for. Doing so will turn your email list into customers that know, like and trust you.
  7. Instagram – A social media platform that if used correctly can bring you lots of new clients. Instagram requires an app so you can post pictures, so download this first before getting started. Post pictures and videos to engage your audience; you can use hashtags under your images just like on Google+ and Facebook; which will help your post to be found by others. If you post inspirational quote images, personal lifestyle images, quick how to videos; this will get the most engagement. You can also use Instagram to link back to your capture pages and blog.
  8. Hubpages – A blogging platform that gets a lot of traffic, will allow you to post articles on their site. If you use the right key words and your article is relevant to the products or services you sell, you can link back your websites, capture pages or blog. This site is very similar to guest blog posting. Make sure that your articles are value and content driven and not formal sales letters; be creative and catchy here.
  9. Twitter – A social media platform that has a search engine built-in. Any key phrase you put in will bring up post; that are using that keyword. This is how people find and engage with others who are talking about a specific subject. Be creative here. If you’re a network marketer looking for new customers; then find people who are talking about subjects that you can engage with such as; “recruiting and prospecting tips”, “lead generation”, “health/wellness products”, and “engaging customers”. Another example: if you sell eye lashes, type that into the search box. See what people are talking about? If you see someone looking for them, follow them and start a conversation with them. Do not try to swoop in and make a sell just yet. Build the relationship first, this is key!Here is a sample – https://twitter.com/1InsuranceQn
  10. Paid Advertising – this takes some investment but is worth it. Advertise on sites that are already getting traffic from people who you are looking to connect with. You can even do sponsored ads/posts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

  11. LinkedIn – A social media platform that has lots of daily visitors and a search engine built-in. You can also use hashtags on LinkedIn. If you have not done so already, create a LinkedIn profile using your first and last name and a professional profile picture to make it easy for others to connect with you here. To help you get some traction going, use LinkedIn’s “find connections” feature that connects to your emails to find people who are on LinkedIn that you already know. Do not rush through putting your profile information together. This is an opportunity to shine and can be a huge selling tool for you. Take your time, include your associations, achievements, projects and accomplishments; include them all. Spend time daily reaching out to new people and searching for those who are a good fit for your business. As people accept your connection request, thank them and tell them a little about yourself. Create post daily and give valuable content this will help you with building a following and email marketing as well.Here is a sample – https://www.linkedin.com/in/valthecoach
  12. Webinars – Host a webinar to get customers. Webinars are like seminars but instead of being in hotels and formal meeting places they are held online through platforms such as Google and GoToMeeting. Host a webinar to give your audience value driven content and information that is related to product and services you offer. Give your audience tips to help them with a solution to a problem they are struggling with. Webinars can be live or recorded. If you’re going to do a webinar remember to market it; so that you can get a good amount of attendees. You can market your webinar through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, email your list, your blog and by guest blogging.
  13. Publish an eBook – Write an eBook relevant to the products or services you offer. You can charge for it or you can make it free for those who opt-in to your email list or newsletter. From the eBook promote your products only if it will help people to solve a particular problem they are struggling with. If you’re not a good writer but you have great videos, hire someone on fiverr to translate your videos into an eBook. Do not leave out the option of selling/posting your eBook on Amazon and/or Kindle.
  14. Product Demos – Do a video or live presentation that walk customers through the entire process step-by-step on how to use your products. Post these videos on you’re social media sites, blog, website, YouTube channel and through emailing your list. Be creative with product demonstrations and show different ways of use.
  15. Referrals/Getting Content Shared – When you post content online people will begin to share it. Post things that you would want to share. When people share your content acknowledge this by sending them a personal message to say “thank you”. There are times you may have to ask for the “share” in order to get your fans support.
  16. Blogging – There is a lot to be said about using blogging for lead generation. It’s very simple to build a blog most companies have templates that are already set up. Unlike times past, blogging is not just for those who love to write; it’s for those who do not love to write. There are systems that will turn your Facebook post into a blog post automatically without you doing nothing. The strategies listed above will help you get traffic to your blog. Post to your blog often than syndicate the content by sharing it to social media, forums, YouTube. Make sure you use blog platforms built for internet marketing this way there is no chance of it getting shut down.Here is a sample – http://bit.ly/TheCoachValerieAdams

These are 16 strategies you can use right now to start generating leads daily. Here is a sample of a daily action plan. Develop your own, use it consistently and the effort will be paid back in more leads, more customers and more sales.

SAMPLE 9 Item DAILY ACTION PLAN: For full list click here – http://bit.ly/1FZQli7

1. Post content to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
2. Log into Lead Generation Software call 5 new prospects
3. Email How To Video to my list (items 4 – 9 are on the link above

Remember what you put into taking action on these steps daily; will be a direct reflection on the results you see. Please share your comments on this article, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Valerie Adams


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