Become An Affiliate Partner & Do More Deals!

We have 17 spots left… Please when you text me give me the zip code that you are interested in. Cheers

Valerie "The Coach" Adams


Increase your business in 2019 by doing more deals. We will
set you up in the zip code of your choice and feed you ready to go SFR Deals.

Co-Wholesaling has never been better. In addition, if you
are newer to the industry and want to work side by side with me my team message
me asap. Besides, it’s February and we can still rock and roll and end the year
with a bang.

(Well I have only flipped 1400 deals right), LOL; so I can
help you close more deals using an automated system.

What I need from you:

1. Commitment!!

2. Be Coach-able!!

3. Provide me a zip code of your choosing!!!

What you get from our Team:

1. Access to my team to help you get questions answered.
Never lose another deal because you don’t have support!

2. Mentorship


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