How 6 Steps To Live Life To Its Fullest Has Transformed My Life in 2 days


“Success and failure go hand and hand; it’s hard to appreciate your successes without having learned from your failures. The key is to continue to learn, grow and strengthen your ability to stay positive. Accept challenges and be solution oriented as they both complement each other.”

Here are some tips that I use to have the balance it takes to be focused on my goals..


I developed this checklist to be a daily guide for balanced thinking and a balanced life. Before I had this list, I always felt like I was up one day and then down the next; almost swaying with the wind. On days where I was down it seemed as if it took days to build myself back up. Having a good day was possible only if the “right” things happened. Well in life, the “right” things do not always happen. But balanced thinking can always happen.

I develop this checklist to help me have balance; using the philosophies I learned from my mother. She is my role model, my rock and a tremendous woman of faith.

Here are 6 Tips that will help you maintain balance:

Step 1. – Avoid Negative Thinking and People – Remove naysayers from your life and choose very wisely the company you keep. Center yourself around positive people who keep you inspired and looking toward the future. There is a reason the windshield is much larger than a rearview mirror! Your future is far more important than your past.

Step 2. – Make your life The Way you want it – No matter how unfortunate you think you are; make the best of it. Be thankful for all that you have. Use all resources available to you to improve your life and the lives of others. Trust in your ability to change your circumstances instead of being a victim to them. Remember this; speed bumps are only temporary and were never meant to STOP you from “getting back on the road”.

Step 3. – Run Your Own Race – Your life purpose is different from everyone else, which means you should not compare yourself to others. Instead of looking at life as a race think of it as a series of doors. There is a reason that only one person can walk through a door at a time. This will help you stay focused on where your passions and dreams are leading YOU.

Step 4. – Build A Strong Network – Do not just rely on your circle of relatives and friends. Spend your life building a network of people who inspire and motivate you to keep pushing forward. Positive minded, forward-focused people are very contagious. The energy you can glean from them will help you to “dream big” and accomplish more.

Step 5. – Blaze a BRAND NEW trail – Know yourself; know your your talents; know your skills; know the things that God put inside you to make you who you are. Do not fight with them, embrace them! Use them to leave a legacy for many years to come. Be that trail blazer and dare to be different, to give others the courage to do the same. Learn how to use your talents to be innovative in creating and filling the needs of others.

Step 6. – Be Thankful and Humble – Make time at the beginning of every single day to be thankful for the good in your life. Be thankful for the prosperity you hope to have. Be thankful for being able to help others. Be thankful for the people God has surrounded you with. Claim these gifts; you will be amazed at how much you can WILL yourself into a better destiny with a RIGHTFUL attitude. If you feel yourself thinking or saying something negative delete it, stop right there and be thankful for ALL the great things that will come. Be bold about it and say it ALOUD. Remember there are many that would like to be in your shoes.

As life throws speed bumps my way, I accept them; thank God for them and thank HIM for all of the growth that will come from the challenges I face.

Let nothing stand in the way of you living a full life and helping others to do the same.  😆 


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